About Cummins Design

New ideas become reality (aka, get funded or purchased) only when others can understand the value of your vision. This means 3D renderings and animations can be the key to success.

Cummins Design owner John Cummins shared one of his favorite customer-success stories. “A friend and client in the RV industry set out to design a new RV concept and open his own manufacturing company,” he said. “He designed a sleek, European-style travel trailer and I produced all the renderings. He took those visuals and traveled the country looking for investors.” In the end, the client’s results exceeded his expectations. “Instead of an investor, he found someone who wanted to buy it outright, and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. They hired him to create and launch his new line of RVs.”

Our 3D Promise

Details. We understand every project is unique, and successful visuals are created by managing and showcasing the details.

Dedication. We’re 100% dedicated to your success and are willing to work hard to earn your trust.

Deadlines. We deliver on time and on budget.

John Cummins leads the Cummins Design team. He’s an engineer, artist, and videographer, which makes him uniquely qualified to create 3D illustrations and animations and to build interactive sales tools. But he’ll tell you that even more important than his artistic passions is the real-world construction experience he brings to every project. 

“In my career, I’ve run engineering departments where I created construction drawings, supervised construction projects, and worked in quality assurance,” says John. This insight makes working with Cummins Design a step above a traditional agency. “I know how things are made, and that makes me better equipped to solve problems for our clients.”

Case Study: The Bunkhouse Satellite Industries

Based in Bristol, IN, Satellite Suites (a division of Satellite Industries), is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of products to the portable sanitation industry. But when the company had an opportunity to create mobile bunk housing for a new client, they only had CAD drawings and no way to present their concepts.

Satellite Industries came to Cummins Design, because they wanted a way to demonstrate their concepts and credibility for this new market. Our team created presentation visuals, including an eye-level exterior, semi aerial exterior, and a cutaway 3D floorplan view.

After seeing the new visuals, the Satellite Industries client quickly understood that the bunkhouse project would meet their needs and agreed to move forward with the project. 


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