street_sign_billWhile still in the developing phase, interjecting a commercial component in a mostly residential subdivision can raise some cautionary flags.  And a storage facility across the street from such community is without exception.  What will it look like when complete?  How will it impact our newly designed layout of the neighborhood?  The city planners of Laramie want to know the answers to these questions and more.  And Edwards Development was more than happy to show them.  But, it would require careful planning.

To tell the story with clarity and persuasiveness, it was essential to let them see it firsthand.  So, Edwards Development directed Cummins Design to animate the entire scene in a 3D graphic environment.  We jumped into our Computer Generated driver seat and took a quick CG spin down Bill Nye Avenue.  And what we saw from our digital windshield was convincing enough to get a unanimous thumbs up from city planners.

street_sign_vistaIt was evident from the animated tour that the buildings were designed to blend into its natural surroundings.  From the office building on Plateau Court to the last storage unit on Vista Drive, the structures were seamlessly integrated into the community.  Instead of looking like traditional storage buildings, the front elevation facades were designed more like the neighboring homes, with gridded windows, front porches, and a variation of brick, stone and shake siding materials.  The animation also captured a well thought out landscape of mature foliage and attractive fencing which obscured the less attractive features, such as the overhead doors.


In conclusion, the proposal was a complete success.  The animation video had positive reviews and “we received many complements on the professional look of our presentation” adds project manager, Ron Battke.  As a result…9 yes votes out of 9 from the Planning Commission and City Council for the storage park and future subdivision plans.  All the upfront work had paid off in a shorter time frame to close the deal.  Now it’s time to go to work!



Storage Unit A




Storage Unit B


[one-third last]


Storage Unit C